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Devious Journal Entry

Jade with her purchases
by ~emerald-arts on deviantART

Had an excellent morning at the markets yesterday (Newcastle Showground). Sold a lot of the new creatures, didn't sell many cranes though. The rain started at about 11.30am so unfortunately we had to pack up early, but it was a good day nonetheless.


interesting article on the ethical issues of toys. Well not the toy's issues... the issues involved with buying them.

origami paper


Online store, for origami paper supplies. Am drooling right now as I look through all of these ;)

Maitland Markets - Spring Fair

Emerald Arts had its first stall at the Maitland Markets today. Arrived there at quarter to eight, then had to walk all the way to the end of the showground because that's where the office be at. Set up shop under a big tree and proceeded to have a shocker of a selling day.

Things I learned at the Maitland Markets:
- Maitland people will pick up your stuff to look at it, squishing it as they do so, despite commenting "it's made of paper, must be easy to crush".
- There are thousands of teenage mothers in Maitland and they all wear clothing that is way too tight for them.
- Maitland people are just plain fucking rude. Several said "I could make these at home" and made disparaging remarks about how much things cost. Seriously, there was nothing that cost over $12.
- People don't take you up when you offer them some origami paper to make a crane, even though they can do it themselves at home.

There's other stuff but I'm tired and can't be arsed typing up the rest of it. Suffice to say, Maitland markets weren't really my bag. There wasn't a single other 'art' stall like mine there. Ten and I had a wander around, thought there might be some produce or some other little crafty person. We got nuthin'. So I am going to stick with Newcastle City Farmers & Craft market because the people there were lovely, whereas..... yeah scary. Looking forward to next Sunday, erasing Maitland from my mind


Sometimes things just work out...

Case and I stopped in at the New Hunter Businesses centre today because she had heard about a scheme that supports new businesses. 

At 4pm I had an interview with the guy in charge, by 5pm I was enrolled in the five week Cert 4 in Small Business and officially NEIS-ified. 

More when I found out how it all works officially, but for now, very VERY excited!

The Chain Stitch

Bring needle from back to front, pulling thread completely through. Using a sewing motion, insert needle from front to back through the same hole, and to front about four threads from original entry point. Pass thread under point of needle as shown in illustration, and repeat stitch. Work all stitches the same direction. To end row, anchor loop with a small stitch similar to a Lazy Daisy stitch.

The Blanket Stitch

A popular finishing stitch for edges. Work stitch from left to right, bringing needle from back to front at A. Insert needle from front to back to front in a single motion at B and C. Before pulling needle through fabric, carry floss under point of needle as shown in illustration. Special note: needle exit point C is A of following stitch. Stitch length can be alternated to add a pattern effect to the finishing edge.

making plushies

My pin cushion